Neutron Music Player Pro Mod Apk V3.15.9 [Bug Fixed + Ads Free]

Hello mod users, today I am going to give you Neutron Music Player Pro Mod apk, you will know that Neutron Music Player Pro Apk is a very good app, in this post I have given all the details of this app, you can read it as well as below you download section. I will get the download option of this app from where you can download for free.

In Neutron Music Player Pro apk you will get many amazing features that you can install immediately on seeing, then I have told all the features in full details below, you can read below.

You will find the Neutron Music Player Pro app in the play store but you will not be able to take advantage of many features in them because you will have to invest some money to use those features but… but… but… here you will I am giving it in Neutron Music Player Pro free, in which you can take advantage of it all.

What is Neutron Music Player Pro Apk?

😍Neutron is an advanced music player with the platform-independent unique 32/64-bit audio engine which produces the highest quality sound of Hi-Fi grade. You can even render PCM to DSD in real-time and utilize an extreme oversampling mode, if device supports native DSD!

Neutron can output hi-res audio directly to the internal DAC (if device supports it) and offers a rich set of digital tools (DSP) for modifying sound. It is the only application capable of sending audio to the network renderers (UPnP/DLNA, Chromecast) with all DSP effects applied including true gapless playback.

Neutron is equipped with a specialized user interface with advanced options, rich set of controls and is designed specifically for audiophiles and those who are really in love with music!

Neutron Music Player Pro  is a powerful and elegant offline audio player without advertisements.
Stylish , Powerful and Fast Music Player with elegant design . Music Player lets you manage all your music files quickly and easily .This audio player supports almost all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats . Easily browse and play music songs by genres , albums , artists , songs and folder .

Powerful equalizer, Quick search all music and audio files, Easy to support all music & audio file formats, Custom background skin.

One of the most gorgeous and powerful music player for Android!

You can manage your musics easily, Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone.

This music player is not only based on artists or albums, but also based on the folder structure. And more than 3 desktop widgets make your music play never been so easy.

Over 20 background skins to make your music player look more outstanding, and these also make your music player get the next level experience.

The unique equalizer make your music sounds like you've never had before.

Music player app is a powerful player which helps you listen to all song formats and help you edit music information and optimize them by cutting tool. Music player app supports almost formats of audio files. Following music formats can be playback well: MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, etc. This music player is also called with other name: mp3 player. Because mp3 format is most popular song format in android.

Music player was designed to bring better experience to user when they listen to music. Music player scans all music automatically and group them by title, artist, album. Easy to find the song you want. Supports audio equalizer to improves music sound, you can customize with own style. Please listen to songs on "Music player" everyday and enjoy the life. It is totally free.

Neutron Music Player Pro full APK is a free app that is popular by the name of Neutron Code Limited designed for the Android and ios platform. And the interface of this app is very easy designed for users.

Neutron Music Player Pro   APK has got 1,000,000+ installations with an average user rating of 4.1 stars in Google Playstore. It has some exceptional user reviews and ratings. Neutron Music Player Pro   APK is the best in the industry for Music & Audio category. If you haven’t Downloaded Neutron Music Player Pro app for your Android mobile here is the Google Playstore link for you –

Download Neutron Music Player Pro Mod Apk


APK Name Neutron Music Player Pro Mod Apk
Size 10MB
Version v2.13.9 [Latest Version]
Android Required 4.1+
Installs 10,000,000+
Price Free
Need Root NO

Download APK

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Explained All Features

* 32/64-bit audio processing (HD audio).
* OS and platform independent decoding and audio processing.
* Hi-Res Audio support (Android 4.4+, up to 32-bit, 768 kHz):
- devices with on-board Hi-Res Audio DACs
- DAPs: iBasso DX150-DX220, Cayin i5-N5ii, Fiio X5-X7-M6-M11, HiBy R6 (+PRO)
* Bit-perfect playback.
* Audio formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG/Vorbis, FLAC, OPUS, WMA, WMA Lossless (16-bit), AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE, WV, MPC, WAV, AU, AIFF, audio MPG/MPEG/AVI, iTunes/Windows Media (non DRM).
* Native DSD (direct or DoP), DSD.
* Output all to DSD.
* DSD to PCM decoding.
* DSD formats: DFF, DSF, ISO SACD/DVD.
* Module music formats: MOD, IM, XM, S3M.
* Voice audio format: SPEEX.
* Playlists: CUE, M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM, XSPF, WPL.
* Lyrics (.LRC files, metadata).
* Streaming audio (plays Internet radio streams, Icecast, Shoutcast).
* Supports large media libraries.
* Network music sources:
- SMB/CIFS network device (NAS or PC, Samba shares);
- UPnP/DLNA media server;
- FTP server;
- WebDAV server.
* Output to Chromecast (up to 24-bit, 192 kHz, no limit for a format or DSP effects).
* Output to UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer (up to 24-bit, 768 kHz, no limit for a format or DSP effects).
* Direct output to USB DAC (via USB OTG adapter, up to 32-bit, 768 kHz).
* 32-bit output on Android 5+ (IEEE 754, optional).
* UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer server (gapless, DSP effects).
* Device local music library management via internal FTP server.
* DSP effects:
- Parametric Equalizer (4-30 band, fully configurable: type, frequency, Q, gain);
- Graphic EQ mode with 21 common presets;
- Surround Sound (Ambiophonic R.A.C.E.);
- Crossfeed (better stereo sound perception in headphones);
- Compressor / Limiter (compression of dynamic range);
- Time Delay (loudspeaker time alignment);
- Dithering (minimize quantization);
- Pitch, Tempo (playback speed and pitch correction);
- Phase Inversion (channel polarity change).
* Speaker overload protecting filters: Subsonic, Ultrasonic.
* Normalization by Peak, RMS (Preamp gain calculation after DSP effects).
* Replay Gain from metadata.
* Gapless playback (sample accurate).
* Hardware and Preamp volume controls.
* Crossfade.
* High quality real-time optional resampling (Quality and Audiophile modes).
* Real-time Spectrum and RMS analyzers.
* Balance (L/R).
* Mono mode.
* Playback modes: Shuffle, Loop, Single Track, Sequential, Queue.
* Playlist management.
* Media library grouping by: album, artist, composer, genre, year, rating, folder.
* Artist grouping by 'Album Artist' category.
* Folder mode.
* Clock mode.
* Timers: sleep, wake.
* Android Auto.
* Interface languages: Русский, 中文 (繁体), 中文 (简体), 한국어, 日本語, Việt, ไทย, Deutsch, Italiano, Indonesian, Malay, Nederlands, Français, English, Español, ελληνικά, Português, Magyar, Polski, العربية, Türk. 

What's New

* New Media Library option - Guess Metadata: to turn off tags guessing from the filename if they are missing in the file.
* Removed limit for EQ's max gain and Q for manual input.
! Fixed:
- external SD could not be detected on Android 10 (confirmed for Galaxy S10);
- disabled Hi-Res Codec for Samsung Galaxy A50 due to no sound when active (use Custom Format for experiments);
- Folder - Setup: Track Nr not working if Filename option active for a folder entry.
- Bug fixes

How To Install

To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

Go to Settings of your Android device
Click on Security
There you will find the Unknown Sources option.
Click and Turn it on.
Now download the latest Neutron Music Player Pro Mod APK.
Click on the Neutron Music Player Pro APK file to install.
Now Click on Install.
Wait for a few seconds and you will see Neutron Music Player Pro installed on your device
Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the Neutron Music Player Pro application.

User Reviews

Venkatesh Gajula

Music customization options in this app, and their effect on the music playback is really mind blowing. My phone most probably have a subpar bluetooth module and whichever player i used, music just sounded flat with my wh1000xm3. Enter Neutron. Music output is so much better with this player. Had to google the effect of all the options available in this app; but at the end of the day, they had a phenomenal effect on music output. Never paid for an app before. Happy to pay for this app.

Sinn Sok Phone

Can't believe this small app can change the audio of your phone! It's the perfect app that no app on stock can compare! Even PowerAmp (I bought PowerAmp Pro for about 2m before switching to this Neutron). I want to buy the pro version but the price was too high ;(

Hamid Rajaei

I tried some hires players like onkyo, usb audio pro, hiby and so forth. I find this app totally better than hiby and onkyo. In terms of sound quality the deference between this app and usb audio pro is marginal and to me neutron is more accurate but both are phenomenal. UI wise usb audio pro is the winner.

Kiril Stepanenko

Far the best android music app and the only one with truly FULLY customizable equalizer instead of those limited 4-10 bands with predifined frequrncis and limited +/- predifined dB values. Here finnaly you can literally press any number and modify it to anything, even if its 10 digits of the slider and means cutting sound completely off/or you want to pinpoint the value you cant hit so precisely on a slider. Believe it or not this is just tip of the iceberg how far it can be customized.


  • Is Neutron Music Player Pro mod apk good?

  • Yes, it best for android devices, ios, and windows.
  • Is Neutron Music Player Pro mod apk free?

  • Yes, you can download Neutron Music Player Pro mod apk free of cost
  • What is a Neutron Music Player Pro?

  • Neutron Music Player Pro is an mp3 Player APP.
  • How Can I download Neutron Music Player Pro mod apk for Free?

  • To use Neutron Music Player Pro Mod Apk Free Click here (Neutron Music Player Pro Mod Apk) and download the Latest Apk.


I hope Mod Users, you like Neutron Music Player Pro mod apk and also the article so if you are getting any problem-related Neutron Music Player Pro Apk please do comment we will Always reply and share with your friends so that they will also get the mod apk and applications and keep visiting our website for latest updates of this App. Thanks…



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